Kakini Health provides stress relief, deep presence and compassion which encourages and support people to give full
expression to their true voice and deepest longings, in order to heal physically, mentally, and spiritually.
Encouraging and supporting healing on all three levels, allows people to discover and follow their dreams, and to have loving healthy relationships, with themselves and others.

Kakini Health is a wellness center that supports and encourages healing, using a variety of modalities that address the body, mind and spirit.

Kiana Love

Kiana Love, Founder and Director of Kakini Health, is a holistic practitioner that uses somatic therapies, energy work and reflexology to help balance the body, mind, and spirit. She holds a B.S. in Behavioral Science from the University of Houston and has certifications in body mind healing. She has studied hand, foot, and vertical reflexology. Kiana has continued to study somatic psychology and the integration of eastern charkas system with western psychology. Yoga, stretching, meditation, and breath work are some of the tools she employs to integrate these systems. Kiana is a certified Reiki master, Advanced Vortex Practitioner, and Master Integrative Energy Instructor. She also provides support as an interfaith minister. Kiana provides a compassionate presence that allows the body to express, and integrate its truth, which brings healing and peace of mind.


One Response to “About”

  1. Corina said

    Dear Kiana,

    I would like to thank you for your participation in the last night event.

    It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday. I was very touch by your nice comments.

    My apology for not giving you all the info about the Event Owner. His name is Steven Salsberg and all comments can be address to the office number 212-987-9200.

    On a personnel note, I read your card and I would like to learn more about your craft.

    At your convenience please get in touch.

    Thanks and hope to meet again.

    Corina Igin

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